Anatomy of BIRDS

How does BIRDS work?

BIRDS basically consists of two parts: The Data Hub and the Content Library in Power BI. The most value for the user is in the Content Library. The main reason this is so valuable is the Datahub. The data is prepared there in such a way that the entire organisation always looks at the same data in Power BI.


The Content Library within BIRDS consists of a number of reports. These can be expanded with customised reports from the ERP system or other source systems.


The standard sales reports include orders, sales opportunities, forecasts and invoices. All can be filtered by seller, margin, location, period and e.g. quantity. This keeps you in control of your customer. Use these reports, for example, to recognize a change in buying behavior and to reactivate the customer.


What is the delivery reliability of suppliers? With the standard purchase reports you have instant insight into quantities, discounts, incoming and outgoing goods. In addition, the dashboards in Power BI provide a forecast of the out-of-stock goods, so you are able to purchase on time.


The inventory reports consist of various sheets that provide insight into the stock aging, value, transactions and, for example, stock transfers. In this way you can easily keep track of the entire stock and you are able to react quickly when limits are exceeded.

Accounts receivable

The accounts receivable reports in Power BI with BIRDS consist of the most necessary insights into accounts receivable. They give you a clear picture of average payment terms, pending payments and expired terms in weighted averages. This insight can be viewed per transaction, customer, period and company.

Accounts payable

See at a glance which organisations still have to receive money from you, including how much. The accounts payable report allows you to look at your accounts payable balance from multiple angles. For example, per supplier, period and location. In addition, the dashboards show how long the invoices are pending in days or weeks and in percentages.

General ledger

Keep a grip on intercompany transactions, budget vs. actuals and click through to deeper levels of detail. From account level to a specific transaction. The General Ledger reports in BIRDS provide a detailed picture of finance within the entire organisation.

Additional source systems

Once the connection between BIRDS and Microsoft Dynamics ERP or Exact Globe has been made, we can add a wide variety of sources. We list some of the commonly implemented sources.

Google Analytics

Time registration

Warehouse Management

Fleet Management

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Sharepoint

Webapps (API)