BIRDS customer stories

How do customers successfully deploy BIRDS?

A number of BIRDS customers talk about KPIs they are using to manage business and choices they have made to transform data into growth. BIRDS is now used by many companies in various industries. Isn’t there a company in your industry on the list? Feel free to ask!

BIRDS in Construction

Business Intelligence at VDR Bouwgroep

Standard BI for 4PS Construct/Dynamics NAV

The cooperation between Hillstar and 4PS has resulted in a standard BI solution for 4PS Construct. VDR Bouwgroep uses BIRDS for 4PS Construct to, among other things, keep track of forecasted numbers versus actual figures. In addition, they now have an up-to-date picture of the projects they are working on (work in progress). Fast, flexible and reliable insight.

‘Our data is now integrally captured, everyone benefits from that’

BIRDS for Food & Beverage

Business Intelligence at Tony’s Chocolonely

Better insight into the ROI on marketing

Tony’s Chocolonely works with Hillstar’s standard Data Warehouse solution. This gives them a fast and flexible way to see the P&L at any time of the day. In addition to understanding accounts receivable and accounts payable, it is important for Tony’s to monitor the ROI on marketing in the US and UK.

Business Intelligence at Bolletje

One place where all the data comes together

Bolletje went live with a big bang after a year and a half with Microsoft Dynamics AX. From that moment on a lot more data became available. From contracts with retailers to what happens at the distribution centres. Data was the starting point for a lot of new insights. Hillstar helped Bolletje with a Data Warehouse and reports that were available as standard.


BIRDS for Wholesale & Retail

Business Intelligence at IBH Export

What is the price per stem? BI gives the answer

How do you make sure you know what the price of a component is, if the data is in 7 different places? By merging them into one Data Warehouse and then making reports for daily control. In this way IBH Export exactly knows every day what the price of the bundles of flowers and plants is and can track the price down to stem level.

BIRDS at Member organizations

Business Intelligence at KNGF

How do you offer more relevance to the members?

Membership of a member organisation such as the Royal Dutch Society for Physiotherapy is no longer an obvious choice. So how do you make sure that members join and feel heard? BIRDS for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 helps KNGF to better tune its products and services to the needs of its members and ultimately ensures that they remain members.